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We specialize in a variety of wealth management services, including Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management, Insurance, and tailored investment solutions. Our investment banking and loan facilities span a wide array, from strategic mergers and acquisitions to specialized structured products.


Whom Do We Work With

Family Business Owners​

If you own a family business, you've likely built wealth over generations. This wealth needs careful protection and smart growth plans to secure your family's financial future. As a senior family member, you might want to ensure that your family has enough resources to fulfill the younger generation's dreams. This often involves separating personal wealth from business assets and managing it with great care. You might also consider establishing a family governance system to maintain family unity and smooth transition of roles.

If you're a younger family member, you might be looking to professionalize your family's wealth management and explore opportunities in startup investments. This can help support entrepreneurship and increase your family's wealth.

Our experience in working with many family business owners has given us deep insights into the specific needs of business families. Our advisory services use this knowledge to provide your family with high-quality, tailored advice


If you're an entrepreneur, you might be building your family's wealth or working towards it. You need an advisor to handle your wealth protection and growth, especially as you devote time to growing your business or preparing for a significant financial milestone.

Drawing from our experience with entrepreneurs, we develop comprehensive financial strategies tailored to your life's different stages. This ensures that your existing and future financial resources are strategically planned and safeguarded.

While you focus on your business's financial growth, we concentrate on securing your personal financial well-being. We also assist you in supporting your chosen social causes, whether through a philanthropic foundation or by establishing a platform for impactful and sustainable 'giving' through social impact investing.

For Offshore Family Offices and Institutional Investors

If you're an offshore family office, a pension fund, or another type of institutional investor, you might be considering investments in India. You may have already tried partnering with someone or explored the market on your own. We can assist you in understanding and investing in local markets across various asset classes, and we can create a tailored investment plan for your organization.

We're here to guide you through everything from building asset class models to selecting the right managers. Our role is to advise and support you throughout the process. We don't have our own investment products, nor are we part of a larger investment product company. This independence means we have no conflicts of interest, and our services are provided on a fee basis, ensuring our sole commitment is to your organization's best interests.

What is a Family Office?

A family office, in its broadest sense, is a dedicated team established by a family to address their distinct wealth and investment requirements. Its purpose extends to developing a strategy for wealth management, establishing a plan for family governance, and overseeing a structured philanthropy initiative. Additionally, certain family offices may also take on responsibilities related to managing the lifestyle and travel arrangements for the families they support.

What we do

Our Service Offerings

With our experience in working with family offices, we’ve gained unique insights into what makes a family office structure successful. We use this extensive knowledge to guide you in creating a strong and adaptable family office for your needs.

Investment Management

1. Managing Family Cash Flow & Budgeting
2. Developing Investment Plans
3. Investment Risk Management

Family Wealth Strategy

1. Planning for Estate & Wealth Transfer
2. Educating and Training the Next Generation
3. Managing Wills & Trusts

Family Governance & Continuity Planning

1. Developing a Family Constitution
2. Setting Up a Family Communication Process
3. Planning for Succession

Philanthropy & Social Initiatives

1. Establishing a Formal Plan for Giving
2. Creating Sustainable Financial Flows for Charity
3. Developing Impact Assessment Processes & Models

1) Global Investments
2) Portfolio Management Services
3) Alternate Investments
4) Bonds
5) Deposits

We offer customized solutions to ensure that you, your family, and your cherished possessions are protected against challenges that may come across at different points in time.

We help you choose the right risk management solution through various insurance vehicles (Life and non-life) that will help mitigate different types of risks.

Our Estate and Legacy planning services are designed in a customized manner to ensure that all the assets are dealt in accordance with your choice and avoid any future disputes.

We help you choose the right vehicle (will/trust/gift) depending on your family structure.

1) Direct Tax: Income Tax, Corporate Tax, STT etc.
2) Indirect Tax: Excise duty, Service Tax, Custom duty, Goods and Service Tax (GST) etc.
3) Formation of Company.

We at Broadwings Family Office are associated with a panel of prominent legal advisors to assist our clients in legal matters. Our expert associates will make sure that all your legal needs are properly managed.

1) Advice On Legal Matters
2) Settling Disputes
3) Binding Decisions
4) Legal Documentation
5) Intellectual Property Law
6) Clientele Representation

For HNIs, real estate-related requirements are common yet tedious to manage. It needs specialized efforts, expertise, and coordination with the unorganized sector, which is often challenging and time-consuming. At Broadwings Family Office, we help you manage the real estate challenges by offering the below-mentioned services.

1) Project Development
2) Interior Designing
3) Estate Management

1) Health & Well-being
2) Event Management
3) Travel Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

Broadwings stands out due to its unique ‘Tripod’ service model, offering personalized attention from a dedicated Relationship Manager, Investment Advisor, and Service Manager for each client. This, combined with our global expertise and local insight, enables us to provide a wealth management experience that is both global in its perspective and personalized in its approach

We specialize in managing the portfolios of High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals. Our services are tailored to meet the sophisticated needs of these clients, offering comprehensive wealth management, estate planning, investment strategies, and more.

Yes, we offer extensive estate planning services, including trust deed preparation, asset distribution, and tax-efficient strategies. Our legal advisory services encompass litigation consulting, document drafting, and notary services, ensuring a comprehensive approach to wealth preservation and legal compliance.

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