Philanthropy & Social Initiatives

Family office Broadwings promotes philanthropy and social initiatives that make an impact, reflecting your family’s values and commitment to the betterment of society. We have a strategic approach that ensures the meaning in your philanthropic activities is ascertained and can be measured.
Philanthropy & Social Initiatives

Our Approach

With our experience in working with family offices, we’ve gained unique insights into what makes a family office structure successful. We use this extensive knowledge to guide you in creating a strong and adaptable family office for your needs.

Strategic Philanthropic Planning

We help you capture your values into a philanthropic mission which then guides targeted and effective giving

Charitable Trust Management

This extends to us overseeing well run charitable trusts, so that both impact and financial benefits from them are maximized.

Social Impact Analysis

Our experts carry out comprehensive impact analyses aimed at making sure that all your contributions lead to real differences in people’s lives, initiating permanent positive social change.

Next-Generation Philanthropic Education

Engaging with younger family members, we provide education on the importance of charitable giving and social responsibility.

Why Partner with Broadwings for Philanthropy

At Broadwings Family Office, we believe in purpose-driven wealth where success in business translates into significant societal contributions. Our philanthropy advisory services are designed towards creating lasting impressions that extend beyond wealth accumulation but also include impactful social investment programs for posterity.
  • Integrated Giving Programs This means designing gifting programs that are generous but also well thought out thus ensuring consistency of your philanthropic endeavors within the broader context of wealth management strategies.
  • Community Engagement Initiatives However this helps families invest wisely by supporting causes they really care about.
  • Sustainable Philanthropy Models By having endowment-based models of giving, these models provide long-term support and legacy opportunities for the issues dear to your heart.
  • Philanthropic Impact Measurement In order to assure intended social benefits in every instance, we use robust metrics to measure the effectiveness of your philanthropy.

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