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Introducing Broadwings Multi Family Office, a paradigm of financial acumen and bespoke wealth management services. With a mission to assist families in building lasting fortunes and more than just financial wealth, our firm has redefined wealth management over the past five years, focusing on High and Ultra High Net Worth portfolios with a comprehensive and nuanced approach. Our ethos is reflected in the imagery of a family enjoying a serene beach setting, symbolizing the wholesome and familial focus of our legacy creation services

Our Specialty:

Broadwings Multi Family Office stands out in India’s financial service industry with a wide range of services. We skillfully handle different investment choices, catering to various needs in Retail,
Institutional, and Wealth areas. The power of our firm lies in our strong team of over a hundredcommitted experts.

Our Approach:

At the heart of Broadwings is our special blend of worldwide knowledge and local know-how,leading to a thorough, research-based strategy. Our ‘Tripod’ setup is our promise to every client,guaranteeing focused care from a dedicated Relationship Manager, Investment Advisor, andService Manager for unmatched service quality.

Our Distinction

As a leading entity in India’s financial service sector, Broadwings Multi Family Office distinguishes itself through a diverse range of offerings. We expertly navigate the complexities of investment options, servicing a broad spectrum of needs across Retail, Institutional, and Wealth segments. Our firm’s strength is reflected in our robust team, comprising over a hundred dedicated professionals.

Global Perspective

Our international presence is a cornerstone of our service model, blending global perspectives with localized insights. This unique fusion positions Broadwings at the vanguard of wealth management, offering solutions that resonate on a global scale.

Mission Statement

Our objective is to ascend as the foremost provider of distinguished wealth management solutions. We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients, achieving superior returns for investors, fostering a dynamic environment for our staff, maintaining the highest ethical standards, and contributing positively to the communities we engage with.

What We do

Family Office Services:

With our experience in working with family offices, we’ve gained unique insights into what makes a family office structure successful. We use this extensive knowledge to guide you in creating a strong and adaptable family office for your needs.

Indian Market Advisory

With our in-depth knowledge of the Indian market and years of expertise in asset class modeling and comprehensive manager selection, we offer offshore investors a unique platform of
knowledge. This helps you develop, implement, and manage your strategy for investing in theIndian market. We can assist you with:

1. Developing a profile of Indian market opportunities tailored for you.
2. Creating a plan for investing in single or multiple asset classes.
3. Writing an investment policy document for your Indian investments.
4. Choosing managers and products using our specialized assessment models.
5. Setting up a risk management platform for your products and portfolio.

About us

Broadwings Multi Family Office, established by a consortium of experts in the realms of Banking, Financial Services, and Wealth Management, stands as a paragon of refined financial stewardship. Over the past five years, our firm has carved a niche in managing the wealth of High and Ultra High Net Worth individuals, offering bespoke solutions that transcend traditional wealth management paradigms. Our foray into the wealth management sector has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, setting new standards in client-centric financial services.

Our mission is to ascend as the premier provider of distinctive wealth management solutions, driven by a commitment to superior advisory capabilities. We envisage a future where our clients’ financial aspirations are not just met but surpassed, fostering a legacy of prosperity and financial security.

The values underpinning our operations are unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, an ethos integrity in every action, and a commitment to innovation in our offerings.

At Broadwings, every client engagement is an opportunity to demonstrate our pledge to these values, ensuring that our clients’ wealth is not only protected but also poised for growth.

Our Founders and Key Team Members

The foundation of Broadwings is built upon the unparalleled expertise of our founding members, each a luminary in their respective fields.

Their collective vision and leadership have been instrumental in crafting the unique ethos of Broadwings, guiding our team of over a hundred professionals towards new frontiers in wealth management.

Sanjeev Kumar Rai

With 16 years of dedicated experience in the finance and investment industry, Sanjeev brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. His extensive background encompasses expertise in relationship management and advisory services. Sanjeev stands out for his exceptional understanding of financial markets and his ability to make rational decisions unaffected by emotions.

Services Offered by Broadwings Multi Family Office

We specialize in a variety of wealth management services, including Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management, Insurance, and tailored investment solutions. Our investment banking and loan facilities span a wide array, from strategic mergers and acquisitions to specialized structured products.

Strategic Investment Advisory

At Broadwings, we offer more than just investment management; we deliver strategic investment advisory services. Our approach encompasses comprehensive planning, astute structuring, precise execution, and rigorous risk management, tailored to align with the unique financial objectives of our clients.

Legacy Planning and Asset Structuring

Our expertise in legacy planning and asset structuring ensures efficient management and transition of wealth. We focus on creating effective asset holding structures and estate planning strategies, designed to pro-tect and perpetuate our clients’ wealth through generations while optimizing for fiscal prudence.

Family Unity and Succession Strategy

Recognizing the crucial role of family dynamics in wealth management, Broadwings specializes in developing family unity and succession strategies. Our services are focused on establish-ing solid frameworks that promote family harmony and facilitate smooth succession planning.

Philanthropic Strategy & Impactful Investment

We empower our clients to make a lasting difference with our philan-thropic strategy and impactful invest-ment services. This includes thoughtful structuring of philanthropic endeav-ors and social impact investments, aligning our clients’ wealth with their desire to contribute meaningfully to society.

Market Strategy for Indian Investments

For clients interested in the Indian market, Broadwings provides specialized market strategy advisory services. With deep market insights and expertise in asset class analysis, we offer comprehensive guidance for navigating the Indian investment landscape.

Our services allow offshore investors to fully capitalize on our expertise through a transparent and non-conflicted advisory platform, which includes

  • Tailoring an Indian market opportunity profile specific to your investment goals.
  • Constructing a detailed investment allocation plan across single or multiple asset classes.
  • Generating an investment policy document for Indian market engagements.
  • Selecting managers and products utilizing our proprietary assessment models.
  • Structuring a comprehensive risk management platform for your investment portfolio.

We work with

For Family Business Owners:

If you own a family business, you’ve likely built wealth over generations. This wealth needs careful protection and smart growth plans to secure your family’s financial future.

As a senior family member, you might want to ensure that your family has enough resources to fulfill the younger generation’s dreams. This often involves separating personal wealth from
business assets and managing it with great care. You might also consider establishing a family governance system to maintain family unity and smooth transition of roles.

If you’re a younger family member, you might be looking to professionalize your family’s wealth management and explore opportunities in startup investments. This can help support entrepreneurship and increase your family’s wealth.

Our experience in working with many family business owners has given us deep insights into the specific needs of business families. Our advisory services use this knowledge to provide your family with high-quality, tailored advice.

For Entrepreneurs:

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might be building your family’s wealth or working towards it. You need an advisor to handle your wealth protection and growth, especially as you devote time to
growing your business or preparing for a significant financial milestone.

Drawing from our experience with entrepreneurs, we develop comprehensive financial strategies tailored to your life’s different stages. This ensures that your existing and future financial resources are strategically planned and safeguarded.

While you focus on your business’s financial growth, we concentrate on securing your personal financial well-being. We also assist you in supporting your chosen social causes, whether through a philanthropic foundation or by establishing a platform for impactful and sustainable ‘giving’ through social impact investing.

For Offshore Family Offices and Institutional Investors:

If you’re an offshore family office, a pension fund, or another type of institutional investor, you might be considering investments in India. You may have already tried partnering with someone or explored the market on your own. 

We can assist you in understanding and investing in local markets across various asset classes, and we can create a tailored investment plan for your organization.

We’re here to guide you through everything from building asset class models to selecting the right managers. Our role is to advise and support you throughout the process. We don’t have our own investment products, nor are we part of a larger investment product company. This independence means we have no conflicts of interest, and our services are provided on a fee basis, ensuring our sole commitment is to your organization’s best interests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Broadwings stands out due to its unique ‘Tripod’ service model, offering personalized attention from a dedicated Relationship Manager, Investment Advisor, and Service Manager for each client. This, combined with our global expertise and local insight, enables us to provide awealth management experience that is both global in its perspective and personalized in its approach.
We specialize in managing the portfolios of High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals. Our services are tailored to meet the sophisticated needs of these clients, offering comprehensive wealth management, estate planning, investment strategies, and more.
Yes, we offer extensive estate planning services, including trust deed preparation, asset distribution, and tax-efficient strategies. Our legal advisory services encompass litigation consulting, document drafting, and notary services, ensuring a comprehensive approach to wealth preservation and legal compliance.
Our investment approach is rooted in a deep understanding of market trends and individual client risk profiles. We offer customized investment plans and portfolios, covering a variety of asset classes, including alternative investments and structured products. Regular monitoring, reviews, and rebalancing are integral parts of our strategy to ensure alignment with our clients’ financial goals.
Beyond traditional financial services, we provide bespoke Concierge Services. These include lifestyle services like sourcing luxury items and reservations, medical assistance, and travel & immigration services, catering to the unique preferences and requirements of our high-net-worth clientele.

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